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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 28, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." >> dr. phil: if you're a parent or you even know someone that is a parent of a young child, today's show is one of the most important shows you may ever watch. >> announcer: for the first time on television, startling new allegations in the sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> jerry sandusky was part of a pedophile ring that traded me for sex when i was a child. >> dr. phil: in a dr. phil exclusive. >> dr. phil: for 30 years you never told a soul. why me, why now. >> announcer: the man behind these shocking headlines speaks out. >> sandusky and another pedophile are passing arod these nude mow oh photos of me. >> they brought me from
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new jersey. i was going to get $200. >> dr. phil: what were you expected to do? >> engage in sex with jerry sandusky. i told the police this had been going on several years. >> dr. phil: in 1980 you're telling a detective this went on? >> yes, in 1980. >> announcer: plus -- >> dr. phil: one of the only alleged victims to reveal his identity to the public. >> i was 10 years old when jerry sandusky first started molesting me. >> dr. phil: h did he approach you the first time in the shower? were you scared? >> yeah, really scared. >> announcer: what you need to do to keep your child safe from sexual predators. >> dr. phil: how did they get to you? how did they seduce you into all of this? unless you've been living una rock, you've heard and the arrest of jerry sandusky for sexually abusing boys. it was biggest scandal to rock collegiate football in history. many questions are unanswered.
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how did this happen? how did it happen for so long? how did it actually work? there's been alarming accusations of a cover-up or add a minimum in action. but beyond that, were there other powerful men besides jerry sandusky involved? well, today we're going to answer some of those questions as even more sorted allegations of ritualistic emerge. sex abuse victims recall sandusky. feds probe jerry sandusky porn wrong. in an exclusive tv interview, we're talking to the man behind these shocking headlines. a man who says that jerry sandusky was a member of a high powered pedophile ring that traded young and troubled boys like baseball cards. greg was just 12 years old when he says, beloved local football legend, penn state coach jerry sandusky offered to pay him $200 for sex. he kept his toxic secrets of
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dark world of child prostitution locked in for 30 years until a familiar face ripped open old wounds. >> a story that stunned the country. penn state is facing shocking allegations. >> jerry sandusky was arrested saturday accused of sexually assaulting eight boys spanning 15 years. >> mr. sandusky, there's a 40-count indictment and multiple accusers. what do you say? >> i say i'm innocent of those charges. >> are you sexually attracted to under age boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? i enjoy young people. i love to be around them. but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boy. >> a man claiming to be victim number 2 is stepping forward. he's planning on suing penn state and his lawyers offer voice mail messages with the
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disgraced coach. >> see if you had any interest in going to a penntate game saturday. i'll talk to you later. thanks. love you. >> less than two months after that call, jerry sandusky was arrested. >> a very swift deliberation here. the jury returning a very definitive guilty verdict against jerry sandusky. cbs news has learned tonight that jerry sandusky is being investigated by u.s. postal inspectors. they want to know in sandusky may have shared child pornography and if he sent seductive letters across state lines for sexual purposes. >> dr. phil: well, as the story unfolded, it seemed there was at least a tri-state pedophile ring of abusing young boys in staggering numbers. sandusky's arrest flooded greg with memories of his much darker past. a time when he was a troubled kid roaming the streets of
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philadelphia. a time when greg met a man he thought he could trust. but instead, a man that past him around to his football friends. greg says one of those friends was jerry sandusky. >> i first heard of the coach from second mile jerry sandusky in 1977. sent him nude photos of me. jerry sandusky wanted me to come up there to engage in child sex with him. ed savitz asked me have i heard of wife swapping. we were going to do what was called a child prostitution swap, like a wife swap. i had an hour with jerry sandusky and sandusky would give one of his favorite kids to ed savitz for an hour. i'm expected to see aeasely sexual deviate. i expect to see this football guy. shakes my hand firm, strong. nothing about this guy comes off
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as a pedophile. jerry sandusky hands me an enrollment application, says he will take care of me, keep mow out of trouble and i would be part of his second mile family. jerry sandusky followed me to a table off the side. rubbed on my shoulder, touched me. he made arrangements for after the event that we would go to a hotel and i was able to drink alcohol, smoke weed and pop pills and have sex with him. and they're passing around these nude photos. kids in the nude photos looked like they were between the ages of 10 and 15 years old. as jerry sandusky looked at my picture, he asked me about well-endowed. i didn't know what that meant. they started laughing. at some point, i'm like, are we going to do this? jerry sandusky told me, slow down, kid. this is c.o.d. i said, can i have my money now? he said no, it's c.o.d. what is c.o.d.? cash on delivery.
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so savitz and sandusky start arguing over time. savitz had to get back to work. he's running a corporation. sandusky says he would like to have a rain check for another time for me to prostitute with him. going into wintertime 1980, ed savitz says i'm going to make good my rain check to jerry sandusky. we go there, jerry sandusky had one child prostitute with him. they're exchanging photos of nude photos. they're like baseball cards. you give me yours, i'll take yours for me. someone walks up to the table and it's joe paterno. their voice gets deeper and other scared. they didn't want joe paterno to find out of our secret. i'm caught up in a nightmare that really no kid should have to go through. >> dr. phil: you kept his secret all of these years.
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why me, why now? >> in november 2011 when this sandusky case broke, i started going through extreme behavior issues. i was under the impression this guy was locked up years ago. i find out not only is he not locked up, he's victimized a lot of people. i blinded with rage and took it out on the ones i love. >> dr. phil: you said you were at one of these swap meetings which was like wife swapping but they were trading their -- the boys that they were using as prostitutes, right? >> yes. dr. phil: when you were with sandusky at that point he was going to pay you $200. is that correct? >> yes. the agreement was -- they brought me from new jersey to state college area. i was going to get $200. >> dr. phil: all right. what was the $200 for? what were you expected to do? >> i engaged in child sex, prostitution with jerry sandusky. >> dr. phil: how did sandusky talk to you? >> he started to become very
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sexual, soft-spoken and talking like a guy would do to a female in a bar if he wanted to take her home that night. >> dr. phil: all right. next, are there others? is this ring still operating? lots of questions. we'll be right back. >> my feelings towards the pedophile rings are very strong. quite frankly i'm pissed off that they're still out here, that the ones that got away, not locked up and still out there. i can't believe that i was raped and abused and a prostitute. i never started life to be a prostitute. they would take pictures in sexual positions. almost like a serial killer taking something of each time they did a murder. they had to have a token of that event. >> announcer: monday on an all-new "dr. phil." he's an embezzler. >> father is likely to be gone
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>> one of my brothers felt that i should have been more private
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and discrete about this, that i was bringing shame upon the bucceroni last name and that this was a disgrace for me to come out publicly. i was already traumatized to have to relive this horrible nightmare. >> dr. phil: well, that was greg talking about his family's reaction when he finally revealed that he had been passed around to members of an alleged pedophile ring, a ring that he says included convicted pedophile and former penn state coach, jerry sandusky. now, why did this fall through? why did he swap you out and go with another boy? >> well, i came up that with ed savitz. ed savitz was a combination of napoleon and gilbert gottfried. if he said 4:00, we're going to swap you out between 4:00 and 5:00 and that meant between 4:00 and 5:00. sandusky was going over the 4:00
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time. that is getting into where ed savitz wanted to do this, get back to philadelphia. they got into a verbal debate. at some point, savitz says, you know what? we're leaving. you're coming with me. sandusky says, no, leave him here. i'll put him on a bus to philadelphia tomorrow. savitz tells me in front of sandusky, that i'm not leaving them here. what came to my mind is one sicko calling another sick0 a sick0. >> dr. phil: and sandusky had naked pictures of you guys? >> yes. >> dr. phil: how did he have them? in a folder? >> we came from philadelphia going there. ed savitz brought them. all these pictures. he had them in like an orange color little envelope that you would use in an office setting. ed savitz had it in his jacket. we came up there and sat down. once we got to the side and the sexual conversation was talking
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about the propositioning, that's when savitz pulled out the pictures and started showing them to sandusky and the other guys in the ring. in return, sandusky takes out a couple pictures and shows ed savitz and others. they're kind of swapping pictures at this point. >> dr. phil: where was this taking place? >> at the second mile event. >> dr. phil: where was that? is it a hotel or -- >> this was i believe at their main facility. >> dr. phil: at the second mile facility itself. >> yes. >> dr. phil: so they're actually in there trading out naked pictures of different young boys to see who wants to go with who. >> well, no, they had it prearranged on who was going with who before we got there. but it was -- they were always exchanging photos kind of like baseball cards. i'd trail you this one if you show me that one. this went on on a regular basis. not just them but the whole time of my victimization between 77 and 80, this was very common.
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>> dr. phil: how many men were there? >> pedophile men? >> dr. phil: yes. >> i'd say four associated with jerry sandusky. >> dr. phil: you said then coach paterno shows up. this was happening under his nose. >> yes. it wasn't at a joe paterno event. it was a jerry sandusky second mile event. these guys used to talk to us and not to miss behave because joe paterno could be there. i didn't know who joe paterno was. >> dr. phil: is this ring still going? ed savitz is dead. >> ed savitz is did. >> dr. phil: he died of aids awaiting trial for molestation charges. >> back in 93. >> dr. phil: and we know what happened to sandusky. do you know of others? is it still operating? >> it's still operating. when they get these guys -- they go after a individual cell. sandusky, savitz and these other guys all had individual cells
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but collaborated as a tri-state network. so every time they went after savitz, they only focused on savitz even though they had information about others associated with savitz, they never went after the network, this is the first time. >> dr. phil: i think it's important for parents to hear how these people change between the persona they project to the world and how they are when they get one-on-one with you. and his persona as you had seen him in public as a football coach and that sort of thing was dramatically different from the way he interacted with you once he was one-on-one. >> oh, once we were one-on-one it was very touchy touchy, soft-spoken, sexual, the conversation was. and of course, it was -- i felt like a girl at a bachelor party that was a stripper and he was
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one of the guys about to get married. this guy was all over me like was a cheeseburger and he was hungry for lunch. >> dr. phil: yeah. he was just very touchy, seductive with you, had a different demeanor than what people see as a football coach? >> yes. >> dr. phil: all right. we're going to talk about how greg says their pedophile ring lured their young victims. we'll talk about that when we come back. >> when i was 11 years old, i started having a dreadful life of child molestation, prostitution and rape. between the ages of 13 and 16, i slept with at least 50 different guys.
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over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years. ♪ >> dr. phil: today the man who just brought jerry sandusky back into the headlines with shocking new allegations is speaking out. greg says he went from being a troubled kid, looking for a mentor to a child prostitute who was swapped like baseball cards between members of a high-profile tri-state pedophile ring. a ring he says jerry sandusky was part of. now, greg says he and other boys would have sex with older men for things most little boys took for granted like a bicycle or
4:22 pm
money to go to the movies. >> most of my life, i've lived with a deep, dark secret. when i was 11 years old, i started having a regretful life of child molestation, prostitution and rape. i was involved with a ring involving jerry sandusky, businessmen and elected officials. i belonged to after school programs and that's where i met ed savitz. many time ed savitz came to the after-school program and he is grooming us and buying us gifts and giving us drugs and alcohol. he was touchy touchy. we started talking. he asked me if i was interested in taking nude pictures of my penis. that a lot of his friends, they wanted to see me naked. we used to call this needle park, junky park. several times they came here and we would meet up with other
4:23 pm
pedophiles, ed savitz being one of them, this is where he first started talking about engaging in oral sex and taking x-rated pictures of myself. one of my friends was going to sell his bicycle. he wants $40. i want that bicycle bad. i go to ed to see if i can borrow $40. he says no, you can work it off. he takes me shopping and we walk back to his car. he asked me to pull my pants down and let's make the $40. i pull my pants down. next thing i know, his head was down there. this is the first time that ed savitz did something to me. i feel cheap. i felt a shamed that i did that for $40. after that, my first sexual encounter, i lost my innocence. ed started showering with more gifts, money, drugs, alcohol in return for sexual favors. i started to almost become an everyday thing after a while.
4:24 pm
then i'm dehumanized. i don't see myself as a kid. between the ages of 13 and 16, i slept with at least 50 different guys. we engaged in sex several hundred times over a 3 1/2 year period. >> dr. phil: what is your reaction to that? >> these guys did horrible things to me. i blamed myself initially because i said how could i allow them to get me addicted to drugs and alcohol and abuse me the way they did. at some point i decided my life is hitting rock bottom in 1980 and i wanted to bury it, i wanted to go away. i was shamed and disgusted at everything that occurred to me and i wanted to move forward in my life and never look back. >> how did they get to you? how did they seduce you into all of this? >> i pretty much -- i was a troubled kid running the streets. i was attending the south
4:25 pm
philly's boys club. it was a club for troubled kids. ed savitz was introduced as a philanthropist. i didn't know what that meant. that he had a lot of money and working with kids as a youth advocate to keep kids out of trouble. >> dr. phil: you say the first time you were actually raped was when you were 14. you said it happened twice. >> yes. >> dr. phil: at that point. you said that there were times that you would just wake up and you had been bathed, your clothes were all folded and stacked up over here all clean and ready to go. you had no idea how that happened, right? >> yes. many times they gave us -- would give us prescription drugs to ease the tension. we were always scared and nervous. we're kids. on two separate occasions they gave -- whatever it was, it was real strong. i became disoriented and then i
4:26 pm
blacked out and don't remember anything but waking up. >> dr. phil: there was an a point when you went to an apartment and there was apparently a party going on. you said there were 20 or 30 young boys lined up there. and a fight broke out. and the cops were called, right? >> yes. >> dr. phil: you told the cops at that point about savitz and sandusky, true? >> yes. >> dr. phil: in 1980. what did you tell them? >> initially i'm taken to the police station. i don't tell them anything. i didn't want to be wrecked. i didn't know what ed savitz was telling them. once ed savitz said he didn't know who i was, i broke into his home, beat him up and robbed him and so did the other kids, i realized this guy is lying about what's going on. i didn't want to be a rat, but i'm not going to go to jail and this guy was the reason i was invited there that day. so i told the police that this had been going on several years, it was ed savitz, jerry sandusky
4:27 pm
and others that were involved in taking kids across the new jersey/new york city, philadelphia, state college and molesting them and giving them money, drugs, alcohol and other things. >> dr. phil: in 1980. >> yes. >> dr. phil: at the police headquarters you're telling a detective this went on? >> yes. >> dr. phil: what did they do? >> they called me poor white trash. why should they believe white trash like me over a world renown business man. why should they believe him over me and he denies everything i said. >> dr. phil: where was your mother and father while this was going on? >> my mom and dad were divorced. we were poor, living on welfare. this was like a mother's dream. this savage was going to save me from the streets from a life of crime and violence. >> dr. phil: at the time there were parts of this that you thought like the money you thought was cool, right? >> yes. >> dr. phil: so i mean that can
4:28 pm
be seductive as well. how much did you make in a year when you were 14 or 15 years prostituting? >> i'd say at least $30,000 a year. that was pretty good from a kid coming from philadelphia. >> dr. phil: when a child is being manipulated and used by a pedophile, every time that happens that is rape. at that age, you don't have the capacity to give consent. it's very important that you label this properly in your mind and your heart. >> back then, i didn't see it that way initially because i was just a prostitute. i was something that was used and i used them. but i understand that now, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: all right. our next guest is one of the only alleged victims of jerry sandusky to reveal his identity to the public. he says jerry sandusky told him he loved him and even talked about adopting him. coming up, what he's never revealed about the man he once called his hero.
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>> jerry sandusky sexually abused me over 100 times over a period of four years. i was scared. i don't think jerry was ever afraid of being caught. he robbed me of my childhood. no child should ever have to go through anything like that. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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>> dr. phil: travis weaver says he was 10 years old when he met jerry sandusky at a summer camp swimming pool. growing up in state college, pennsylvania, jerry was a legend, a local celebrity. to travis' family like many others, football was everything. it was a way out and a way in. the coaches were larger than life heros. travis says things changed when his hero started molesting him. take a look. >> i was 10 years old when jerry sandusky first started molesting me. i first met jerry sandusky in second mile charity program that he founded. i definitely idolized him a lot. he was a famous person in town i lived in. a good opportunity to get into
4:33 pm
penn state football program. first sexual encounter took place in the coach's locker room. we went to the players' workout room and then we went to the shower in the coach's locker room. he started to wrestle with me and give me a bear hug. after we got out of the shower, we went to the couch and then rolled over on top of me and started rubbing me. blowing on my stomach. that progressed into oral sex. i was scared. i didn't know what to say. i did not know what was going on. jerry sandusky sexually abused me over 100 times over a period of four years. he abused me in the coach's locker room, at his home, in pasadena, california when we went to the rose bowl. during the summer, i would stay at jerry's house three to four times a month. the encounters would happen mostly in the basement. i was always scared he would come downstairs. sometimes he didn't. most of the time he did.
4:34 pm
he would sometimes tell me he loved me and lay there for a minute. then he would just get up and act like nothing happened. i don't think jerry was afraid of being caught. i was suffering a lot. i'd cry a lot to myself at night. no child should have to go through that. jerry sandusky robbed me of my childhood and that's something i will never ever forget. >> dr. phil: travis, i can't tell you how proud i am that you got the courage to come here and talk about this and blow the whistle on this. because you will save boys from going through the same thing. it would be so much easier for you not to do it. why did you decide that enough was enough? you wanted these people held accountable? >> didn't think he was doing this to anybody else. i thought it was just me. once i realized it was all these other kids being hurt, i thought
4:35 pm
i had to come forward and say something. >> how do you feel about coming forward? >> i'm scared. a shamed of what happened. i'm embarrassed about the abuse, about me not coming forward, saying something when it happened. >> dr. phil: i just hope you won't be harsh with yourself about this. we'll talk about it as we go along. how did you first meet sandusky? >> i met him when we were -- i was in the second mile summer camp. i went to a public swimming pool in state college. he was really friendly. just wanted to horse around in the water, throwing kids around. you know, like just horseplay. >> dr. phil: how long into the relationship was it before he crossed the line with you? >> about a month or so into going and seeing him. you know, we went to the coach's locker room, took a shower. that's where he started molesting me.
4:36 pm
he knew i was into football. i was playing youth football. he told he he wanted to go to the player's locker room and work out and afterwards we went and took a shower. >> dr. phil: how exciting is it for a 10-year-old to go into the locker rooms and weight rooms -- this is penn state, right? >> yeah. >> dr. phil: this is where they play. >> extremely exciting. >> dr. phil: this is like hallowed ground. you have to be big-eyed going into that. how did he approach you the first time in the shower? >> we were taking a shower. we were wrestling around. we wrestled all the time in the shower, working out. kind of bear-hugged me a couple times. after we'd get out of the shower, he'd dry me off. we went over by the couch. there was a couch in the coach's locker room. he pulled me on top of him and was acting like he was wrestling with me and rolled over on top of me.
4:37 pm
started blowing on my stomach and it progressed into oral sex. >> dr. phil: were you scared? >> yeah, really scared. i didn't know what to think. >> dr. phil: you didn't know what it was. >> i didn't know what was going on. >> dr. phil: did he show any fear that somebody would walk in or see him? >> no, he didn't slow any fear at all. most of the time it was at night, late at night or early in the morning when we were there. >> dr. phil: and how would he behave afterwards? >> he would act like nothing ever happened. >> dr. phil: what did you say to yourself about that? >> i was scared. i didn't know what to think. i just try to put it in the back of my head and not think about it. >> dr. phil: all right. next, did jerry sandusky's wife, dottie, know what was going on? she stands by her husband. you won't believe where travis says she was during his sleep-overs with sandusky.
4:38 pm
>> when jerry sandusky was found guilty, and enormous weight was lifted off my shoulders. i glad he couldn't hurt anybody else. when jerry was sentenced, i thought he should get the maximum, spend the rest of his life in prison. >> announcer: monday on an all-new "dr. phil." the papers call him an embezzler and her a cougar. >> this is a joke. >> announcer: so why are these bitter exes still loving together? bitter exes still loving for months, i had this deep pain all over my body. it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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>> when i was being abused in jerry's house, his wife was in her bedroom.
4:41 pm
i think she knew what was going on. she says she doesn't know anything. it's ridiculous. how could you not know that your spouse is getting out of bed every night and disappearing for an hour or so and coming back to bed? i think jerry's wife was turning a blind eye to everything. >> dr. phil: that was travis talking about jerry sandusky's wife, dottie, who was in the home during his sleep-overs with sandusky. travis says he was being abused while dottie was right across the hall. she's in the house. do you have any doubt or question if she knew what was going on? >> i think she had to have none something was going on. >> dr. phil: why do you say that? >> because how could you not know your spouse is getting up out of bed, all hours of the night and disappearing? how could you not know where he was going? she's just turning a blind eye to everything. angry that she's still
4:42 pm
supporting him after all these allegations, all these kids coming forward and saying this happened. >> dr. phil: outside of the time he was abusing you, he treated you well, right? >> yes. >> dr. phil: so was that confusing to you? >> yes, it was. >> dr. phil: how did this end? how did it eventually stop? >> when i was 14 years old, i went to a fund raiser for the second mile in philadelphia with jerry. afterwards, it was -- got pretty late. we ended up staying at a hotel down there. we went to the hotel. i ended up taking a shower. when i got out of the shower, he was laying on the bed in his underwear. he kind of got up and started wrestling with me. i knew where it was going to lead to. i tried to push him off of me. i wanted to get away from him. he kind of pinned me on the bed. i told him i was going to call the cops. told him i was going to tell my parents and he laughed at me and told me that nobody would believe me over him and that he
4:43 pm
would have my father fired from penn state. that's where he works at. i was scared. i believed him. >> dr. phil: so what happened that night? >> nothing happened that night. he kind of left me alone. i went home the next day. a couple weeks after that, i called my mother that lived in cleveland, ohio. told her i wanted to move to cleveland. i moved away. >> dr. phil: so you escaped him that way. >> yes. >> dr. phil: i say to both of you, the abuse can stop, the actual interactive abuse can stop, but the residual goes on and on and on and on. and it affects the two of you till this very day, does it not? >> yes. >> yes, it does. >> dr. phil: it changes who you are. do you feel guilt and shamed about this to this day? >> yes, i do. >> dr. phil: do you? >> i do. >> dr. phil: that breaks my
4:44 pm
heart. you don't see yourself as a 10-year-old boy anymore. you don't see yourself as that kid back there because you're grown up and you're thinking why didn't i a, b, c or d. you can't apply child logic and vulnerability to it at that time. you have to let that go. and by the way, it changes how people might react to you as well. people say well, abused children grow up to abusers. that's what people think a lot of time. by the way, that is not the case. less than 1 in 10 victims of abuse grow up to actually become abusers. to assume that because someone has been a victim they will become a perpetrator is just wrong thinking. i know you've had some issues with your family. there's family members that are worried about you being around kids, correct?
4:45 pm
>> yes. i've had family members make comments that were horrible. >> dr. phil: and i just -- i hope you guys think about that. all right. next, the horror going on behind closed doors reaches an all-time high and travis' world crashes down around him when his considers letting jerry sandusky adopt him. we'll be right back. >> when jerry was first arrested, i was extremely shocked. i didn't think he was still doing this. i didn't think he was doing it to any other kids. i thought it just happened to me. i just couldn't comprehend while he kept doing this for so long and was never caught. i was really sad that i hadn't come forward and said anything. so i decided to come forward and we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken.
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>> dr. phil: travis says during the time sandusky was allegedly molesting him, he said things like "i love you" "i care about you" but then he did the unthinkable. he asked travis' father if he could adopt him. what went through your mind when you learned about that? >> i was scared. i didn't want it to happen. >> why would it even be considered? why was that something that your parents would -- your father would even talk about?
4:49 pm
>> it was something that was brought to his attention from jerry. he asked me about it. he thought it would be a good opportunity. i was getting in a little trouble at school. i thought it would be a good opportunity for me to get out of trouble that i was in, to start a good life. >> as you guys look back on this, is it shocking that they got away with this? that there was an institutional blindness? this is going on in the coach's locker room, in the hours, in the place where hundreds of players go and dozens of coaches and staff go. we know that it had been reported. you reported it in 1980. you threatened to report it. and he's arrogantly laughing saying this isn't going to happen. is that surprising to you? >> very surprising. >> dr. phil: even now as an adult is it surprising?
4:50 pm
>> yes. >> dr. phil: sandusky has an adopted son. did you ever see anything? anything ever cause you concern? >> one time me and matt sandusky, his adopted son, and jerry, we worked out and went to the locker room. we were showering. he like stayed off in the corner and didn't want me looking at him or anything. hurried out of the shower really quick. it was weird how he acted. >> dr. phil: joining us today is marcy hamilton. she's the attorney that is representing travis in a lawsuit that he filed against jerry sandusky, the second mile and penn state university. marcy, what is the crux of the lawsuit? what is actually filed? >> well, the basis of the lawsuit is that penn state must have known that jerry sandusky was engaging in sex abuse. at the same time, second mile. they were operating together. a lot of activities for second mile on penn state's campus.
4:51 pm
joe paterno showing up at second mile events. and that it was negligent and wreckless to let sandusky next to these kids. we have travis, 1991 to 1996. we know they knew and they should have to pay for their mistakes. >> dr. phil: and will it help you if you feel there's some measure of justice and people held accountable for this? will that help in some way? >> yes. >> dr. phil: doesn't erase it. but will it help in some way? >> yes. >> dr. phil: have you ever considered any kind of legal action against anyone? >> no. my action is raising public awareness and cracking the whip down on cops. making them do their jobs. ed savitz, that was an associate of jerry sandusky, they all knew. savitz was this guy that was like an urban myth. everybody knew. but the thing is, of course we
4:52 pm
were white trash and he was part of this big millionaire club. >> dr. phil: let me say something to parents. i wish i could have said it to your parents, but i'll say it to you and to all of us now. the best way you can protect your children is to teach them to self-protect. look, you can't always be there. you need to know as much as you can about who you're exposing your children to. it just seems crazy for us to say, i want you to behave, i want you to mind the adults, do what your teachers tell you, do what your coaches tell you, your scout leaders, pastors and clergy to do when in fact we don't know who they are. it's been the christian thing to give people the benefit of the doubt. i disagree. i think what you do is teach your child to gather information. you gather information. teach your child to trust their instincts.
4:53 pm
if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. if you say no and you're wrong, you won't get in trouble. it's okay for you to say no. i don't care if you get sent to the principal's office, run laps, what has to happen. you do it and you talk to me about it. we have your back. we will take care of you. we have to teach our children to self-protect. we'll be right back. tasty l'il critters gummy vites complete contain key vitamins without artificial colors like red dye #40. l'il critters: america's number one children's brand. i love my extrabucks rewards, and right now, they're doubling! so, when i shop -- i earn twice as much with double extrabucks rewards. that's two times the rewards! yeah, that's what double is.
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>> dr. phil: i want to thank all of my guests today, especially greg and travis for having the strength to share their deeply personal stories. and you know, to those of you here in the audience, i hope you guys appreciate the sacrifice
4:57 pm
that these two have made to come forward and talk about this, turn a right bright on this so other young men might be spared exactly the kind of hell that they were put through. we're proud of you guys for stepping forward. [applause] thank you, travis. thank you, greg. [applause] and to all of you out there, whether you are -- if you are a victim of abuse, you have the right to come forward. you have the right to hold people accountable without needing to feel guilt or shame. and i promise you, that there is somebody out there that will listen. if you are a survivor of this kind of thing, please, please understand that your ability as a child to resist these things is just very, very limited. it's not your fault. you've got to give yourself a second chance to do things as these guys are doing here. for more information, go to today.
4:58 pm
thanks for being here. so long. [applause] fairfax police are on the hunt for a serial fondler. coming up i'll tell you what he's doing to unsuspecting women. >> how a wallaby died is at issue in an animal cruelty trial, but the bigger picture is the practices at the very popular reston zoo. i'm peggy fox. i'll have the story coming up. >> more and more teenagers are sharing intimate moments with their cell phone, why sexting
4:59 pm
is a much bigger problem than many of them realize. >> this is 9 news now. tonight police say a serial fondler is on the loose groping unsuspecting women and teens on the streets. >> his most recent attack was yesterday morning when he fondled a 16-year-old girl on irving street in springfield. >> that's where our ken molestina is live where both the police and community are really on alert tonight. >> reporter: yeah. near looking for this guy. the -- they're looking for this guy. the first of these attacks happened on the 7200 block of monticello boulevard in springfield. it's happened a total of three times. police say this is daring, bold and they're sure this is the work of the same pervert. women in the springfield area of fairfax county are on edge. >> i think that's very dangerous, you know. >> make me scared. >> makes me a little worried, the fact that there's such a person out there. >> reporter: police say they're on the hunt for whoever


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